Help, too much Carbon Dioxide here!

Help, too much Carbon Dioxide here!

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One of the major things I have been wanting to learn is about carbon dioxide. Is there really too much carbon dioxide in the atmosphere? I googled around and bumped into a fantastic website by NASA. They have tonnes of information about what is going on on Earth, err, weather related.

So is there really too much Carbon Dioxide?

Now referring to the graph above, I noticed a few things:

  1. The level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere have been fluctuating over 7 cycles since 650,000 years ago.
  2. In each cycle, there is a fairly consistent maximum and minimum level of carbon dioxide.
  3. However, in this current cycle and period of time, although carbon dioxide is expected to rise, it is not following the pattern anymore.

The current level of carbon dioxide has actually overshot the maximum level way earlier!

Now, let’s we compare the graph’s timeline to Man’s existence. Man have been known to exist since about 200,000 years ago. But we could notice that the steep increase occurred during the Industrial Revolution in 1950. So what does this information suggest?

  1. We could safely deduce that Man played a large role in the tremendous increase of carbon dioxide.
  2. Looking at the normal rate before the Industrial Revolution, there might be a possibility for us to bring down the level of carbon dioxide.
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The abnormal rate of carbon dioxide could be observed from the recent developments in our evolution e.g. rise in world human population, increase in industrialisation and globalisation (higher movement of people).

But what is the issue with this guy? I’ll find out in my next post: Effects of Carbon Dioxide.

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