(Video) How To Set Up An Abseil Station In Less Than 3 Minutes?

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In this video, I will be sharing with you how to set up abseil station. An abseiling station is simply an activity area for you to conduct abseiling for your students or participants.

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How To Set Up Abseil Station (under 3 minutes)?

1. Activity Area

Survey the activity area. Be sure that you are aware of the anchor points and any other existing equipments. In this case, there are already existing safety cables for both the belayer and participants.

Next, forecast your participants’movements. Identify a safe waiting area for your participants.


2. Equipment You’ll Need (Depends on Location)

Assuming that the location you chose have got a strong anchor point, these are the equipments you need:

1 x Abseil Rope (Static Rope)

1 x Belay Rope (Dynamic Rope)

6 x Carabiners

1 x ATC belay device

2 x Figure-of-8 descender


3. Personal Safety

Always begin setting up by ensuring your own safety first. Be properly equipped (i.e. harness and helmet on) and attach yourself to the safety line.


4. Abseil Line (Non-releasable)

Ensure that your abseil rope is long enough to reach the floor. Tie a double-figure-of-8 knot at the top end of the rope. Attach the knot’s loop to the anchor point. Perform a load test to ensure that the whole system is working well.

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5. Belay Line

Begin with the end in mind. Tie another double-figure-of-8 knot to the end of the rope and attach a carabiner to its loop. Next, fix the belay device to the belay rope. Once done, attach a carabiner to the belay device and secure it to the belaying point. Ensure that the rope is not twisted to that you could belay with ease later.


6. The Big Question …

How do you create an impactful abseiling session? And how do you draw out that learning from the participants? Is there anything else beyond just descending down the rope?

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