3 Killer Business Lessons From Rainclouds

3 Killer Business Lessons From Rainclouds

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Living in Singapore, I am blessed to experience a year-round hot and wet weather. As an outdoor instructor, it has become a natural habit to always look up to the sky to check (as best as possible) on the day’s condition. I’ll then make any necessary changes to the programme based on the day’s forecast.

Now that I have decided to venture the path as an entrepreneur, it just struck to me that we could draw valuable business lessons from rainclouds! There are useful metaphors we could get just by looking and reflecting at these unsung heroes that could make your day.

1.Importance To Be Prepared For Any Weather

The wise saying ‘prepare your umbrella before it rains’ definitely holds true. I’ll never know the exact weather for the day. Hence it is useful to be prepared for what could come.

Thankfully Singapore don’t experience snow or hail (except for an incident back in 2013). But we do have thundery showers where lightning dance overhead and the rainwater easily soak through the smallest holes of your Gore-tex jacket.

Similarly in business, you’ll need to be prepared for any challenges. As best as you could plan, you must have your contingency plans ready. Reserves and alternative business strategies should be laid out, ready for implementation at immediate notice.

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2.Consistent Forecast

Having your backup plans may not work well if you are not ready for it. You might be ready but you could actually not be ready. You might have your foldable umbrella in your backpack, but it serves no purpose if you are not ready to use it.

Hence, you need to consistently do a weather check on what might be coming soon. You’ll then be ever ready to deploy your emergency SOPs.

3.Testing Your System

At times, you’ll need to be sure that your business could weather the storm. Nope, I don’t mean purposely getting into trouble. Consider these questions?

How sure are you that your waterproof jacket is really waterproof?

Similarly, how well can your business function when one area is not functioning? Can other departments provide cover? How well can your resources be stretched?

So, knowing that the rainclouds could come (or may not come at all) warrants the need to ensure a robust business strategy. You’d want to be sure that your business could take the hit when the weather (be it rain or drought) comes in.

In the information age, we need fast and quick intelligence to make decisions. Instill a habit to check on the ‘weather’ so you could enjoy the adventure. Remember to look above!

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