3 Tricks to Enhance your Sailing Teambuilding Programme

3 Tricks to Enhance your Sailing Teambuilding Programme

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In my earlier posts, I shared about how Sailing is a viable activity to promote teamwork and eventually increase profits or productivity. Subsequently, I also shared some specific Sailing Teambuilding Activities.

I guess that it is destined for me to bump into some sailing gurus recently and I awed at the endless list of tricks to further enhance your Sailing Teambuilding Programme.

Best of all, I have implemented some of these tricks before but slipped my assessment as a viable activity to boost such programmes. What was I thinking?

Here are 3 of tricks to enhance your Sailing Teambuilding Programmes

1. Chart The Map

Many years back, I used to observe trainers so kind-heartedly print out, outline and laminate the giant sea charts into newbie-friendly versions. While that is a great initiative because these maps could be reused during their next sailing programme, I also noticed that a visually-significant number of participants not paying enough attention to the maps.

Map reading is an essential skill as it teaches participants to be observant about their surrounding both before and during a journey. So if the participants are not to care much about the maps, high chance they will be sitting passengers in your sailboat.

We’ll definitely get there … wherever that place is.

You can’t blame them for thinking that way. The approach to map reading required minimal ownership hence they shut down.

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A simple solution to this issue is by getting the participants to trace out their own map say … on a plastic sheet (you know those OHP sheets). Tell them that they will be using the particular map and nothing else to navigate to their website.

You’ll begin noticing that they’ll pay more attention to the map.

2. Rig Up

This activity is ideal to be done on a keelboat because unlike a dinghy, a keelboat leaves the dock with its sails still down. They are all set up nicely but not hoisted yet. The keelboat has to engine its way out to the open waters before it could hoist up its sails or it will risk catching some wind gusts and hitting other boats at the dock.

Of course, do conduct a dry practice at the dock (with the sheets free) so that your participants know which lines to pull, or else you’ll be pulling your hair off trying to manage the boat while teaching them.

I will not say much because the experience will speak by itself. There will be funny and goofy moments as they try to balance themselves and work together.

3. Blindfold Helmsman

For this final activity, you could do it both during a straight course or a tack or gybe. Get the team to ascertain their direction and fix their course.

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Then introduce them the blindfold … for the skipper!

So now the roles have reversed. The team will have to guide their skipper and watch out for the sails and wind themselves. This is a great exercise to illustrate how teams could work together during their leader’s absence.

Who doesn’t want an auto-functioning team right? I would!

So recently I launched a Family Sailing Programme. I’ve been hesitating to offer it because the price point, despite endless revisions, seems unattractive. But I have decided to push for it because it is a rare-to-find activity. Furthermore, being a state-island, we are surrounded by water hence sailing (and other water activities) should be a natural sport for most people in Singapore. Click here find out more!

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