Make A Difference … Size Doesn’t Matter

Make A Difference … Size Doesn’t Matter

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When I started out as an entrepreneur and blogger, I used to ask if I have what it takes to make a difference – to create an impact in others. What’s more was that I was totally on my own.

Anyone in my shoes should feel afraid … scared … helpless. I’ve heard many times that when you can improve someone else’s life, that is business for you. But can I really do it?

Make A Difference … Size Doesn’t Matter

I guess it was a little lesson from above. This is a personal encounter a few days ago that simply affirms my belief that I .. or anyone can succeed.

It was fine day but the sun was rising above our head. We were conducting the third round of abseiling activity for the day. I took my rest and let my buddy brief the participants.

As I was fiddling with my phone while keeping an ear on the briefing I felt something tickled my neck. I brushed it away but the feeling remained. I repeated a few times until it was gone. And as I placed my left hand back on my mobile, something small and green on my hand caught my eyes.

I took a closer look and saw that there was this wee green insect stuck on my hand. It definitely wasn’t a mosquito. Perhaps a fly. I’m not sure.

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But what I was sure was that it did affected me. It tickled my neck. And it caught my eyes.

Wasn’t that amazing! Something so small could get my attention – this big giant.

I guess it was really a simple lesson that no matter how small I (or anyone) think, I am able to make a difference. Either for myself or others.

I recall how many lives I’ve came across through my years of instructing. Nope, not saying that I did make a difference to ALL of them but perhaps just a small percentage. Well, I guess that is good enough for this ‘small guy’.

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