Abseiling Proficiency Course Training Videos

Abseiling Proficiency Course Training Videos

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This is an interesting post and especially relevant for those who are learning to abseil. I have been rather fortunate to be up on the rope lately and managed to hustle up and record a few abseiling proficiency course training videos. And for those who are not aware, I have also created a Youtube channel where I published videos generally on outdoor education.

The abseiling proficiency course training videos that I published cover half of the abseiling proficiency course level 2 (SNAS 2) and I will definitely be covering the other half of it i.e. abseiling/ prusiking past a knot. Passing a knot is an important self-rescue skill especially if you climb or rappel in the natural environment or over at least 2 pitches.

The following are the videos I have published so far:

  1. How to set up an abseil station under 3 mins?
  2. How to prusik up a rope (intro)?
  3. How to tie a Munter Hitch?
  4. How to ascend up a rope (prusik)?
  5. How to prusik changeover to abseil with top backup?
  6. How to pruisk changeover to abseil with bottom backup?

One grand tip I can share while practising is not to memorise the steps. Instead, understand the principles behind them and if something goes against your plan, you will be able to rectify the errors easily.

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Allow me to share why I decided to publish these videos?

ONE. I value knowledge and any form of it should be preserved. If they develop or evolve into other skills, that’s fine too as it shows the knowledge is being practiced.

TWO. I would like to benefit anyone, be it an outdoor enthusiast or outdoor instructors by helping them prepare/ remember the skills learnt during their abseiling proficiency course.

So … If you liked the videos, do subscribe to my Youtube channel and share to those who might benefit from them. As mentioned earlier, I am in the process of recording self-rescue skills i.e. ascend/ rappel past a knot.


I welcome any suggestions of specific videos to make.

It was and still feels weird whenever I hit the publish button as I know people will be observing my lesson. You know, you get those jitterbugs. Hehe. But I’d do anything for the sake of knowledge.


These videos are meant to supplement your training course and not meant to replace them. Hence, you could watch them before or after your course but never skip the course. It is still critical to have a certified instructor to teach you or even supervise your practice sessions. I do not bear any responsibility for any accidents or injuries incurred when you practise the above manoeuvres.

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If you are interested to learn abseiling, check out for my abseiling proficiency course. Click here.


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