Nature Talk – Introducing the Simpoh Air

Nature Talk – Introducing the Simpoh Air

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In this post, I am trying something new which is to share about nature and I’ve decided to share about the Simpoh Air. Honestly, nature has never been my forte and you will be able to spot how uneasy I was in the video attached. But nevertheless, I should give it a try. It is not that I do not know anything about the subject matter but you just have that feeling of inadequacy.

If you put me in the forest, I should be able to find my way around but if you need me to stop and speak about a particular plant and animal, I will be lost. But having said that, I believe that no one can be a master of nature and hence should not be afraid to share. If you do not know, just be frank and go back to find out the answers.

This particular post also marks my few efforts to work on being an eco-literate citizen. If you are interested to know, I did write about ecological literacy and outdoor educators in my MSc thesis. Feel free to contact me to get a copy of the exclusive summary of my thesis report.

The script is my typical script whenever I share to my participants.

Introducing the Simpoh Air

The Simpoh Air is a local plant (Dillenia suffruticosa) which is between a shrub and a tree. It has large glossy leaves with pink star-shaped fruits and yellow flowers.

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The reason why I picked this plant out of many others in our rich tropical forest is that it has 3 interesting characteristics (at least to me):

  1. Its large green leaves could be/ were used to wrap food. A useful material out in nature.
  2. It could be found in low-lying areas or near to water bodies. This information is particularly useful if you are finding your way out of the forest or looking for a water source.
  3. Just for survival, you could eat the flower petals although it is slightly bitter.

Those 3 facts about the Simpoh Air are sure to mesmerise our urban kids. If you would like to read more about the plan, click here to Wild Singapore’s website.

I’ve attached my Youtube video clip below.

Just doing a quick survey, who would join if my wife and I conduct a family friendly nature walk?”

You could post your replies below or at my facebook page. 🙂

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