How to prusik up a rope? (Intro)

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In this post, I provide a quick introduction on how to prusik up a rope.

Prusiking is one of the main components of the sport climbing instructor training course and abseiling proficiency course 2 syllabuses. The steps shown follows the revised prusiking method by the Singapore Mountaineering Federation.

The main difference with the new method is having 2 top prusik lines instead of 1 top and 1 body prusik lines in the old system.

Honestly for me, I only got to know of the change right before I started a programme. I was not aware of the change as I was overseas when it happened. However, it was not a problem at all as my mentors have always stressed on understanding the principles instead of the steps.

What are the principles then?

Basically, you need at least 2 safety points when you  prusik up a rope or abseiling down. You do not depend only on ONE safety especially when it is a 7Kn rated static rope. That is a no-brainer! So remember to have TWO safety points at all points of time.

So, which one is better? Well, there are definitely pros and cons in every system.

But the great thing about ascending itself is the ability to prusik up a rope instead of just abseiling down only. Having this skill allows you to be mobile and dynamic on the wall.

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For example, if you are doing multi-pitch climbing, if you are belaying your climber from above and should he face any problems, you have the option to escape from the system and abseil down to him, And if everything is fine, you could ascend back up.

(I’m in the midst of recording an Escape from System video. Do watch out for it ya).

Hope the video is useful for you. If you would like a more comprehensive one, check out my youtube channel for more videos showing clearer and detailed explanation of both prusiking and descending down a rope.

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