10 Outdoor Activity Ideas for Families

10 Outdoor Activity Ideas for Families

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It is already September and this means that the year-end holidays are just around the corner! While the idea of packing up for a vacation seems like a common thought in most parents, including me, do hold on a minute and consider spending time locally wherever you are. Take a pick from my 10 outdoor activity ideas for families. After all, one of the main reason for going on a trip is to spend quality time with your loved ones right? Well, you could also achieve that by bringing them outside.

Here is my top 10 list of outdoor activity ideas for families:


Those in the tropical and South of the Equator could rejoice in not having to brave the winter. This means that you have the luxury of bringing your kids to the backyard or the corridor (for those living in flats) to do some gardening. The good thing about gardening is that you do not necessarily have to be under the sun but instead choose the cooler time of the day to have fun with some soil and seeds.

Playground Time

If you have kids who are still relatively young, let the playgrounds do the work! Just bring the family to any playground, you can have some personal time with your spouse while letting the kids run their hearts out. You could even embark on a playground-hopping trip – going a to a new playground each day! And if it is snowing, let the snow be the natural playground.That is surely some adventure!

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Beach Outing

If you really need the sun, head out to the beach! I’m so sorry but it may not be a good idea if you are in the Northern Hemisphere but if you come from places with sufficient sun, then this is an alternative to the snow. The sun, sand and the sea is somehow therapeutic. You could simply laze around on the mat or go for a quick dip in the sea or even do a bit of work building a sandcastle, there is surely something to do at the beach.


Not really into doing something strenuous? That is alright. You could still have quality time with your family by going for a picnic. And you could literally have a picnic anywhere! Just grab your basket and mat, and maybe a giant umbrella if you run out of trees to take shelter from.

Chill and have a relaxing time out there. If your kiddos might need some activity, bring along a ball or frisbee to burn extra energy out there.


If the place you are having a picnic happen to be relatively open and windy, bring along a kite. Best still, you could work a  mini family project to make your kite and see it fly out there! Your kids will definitely be amazed looking at their own kite take off!

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Alternatively, you could also bring along your bicycles and go for a leisure ride around the park or along the coast. Just be sure you have enough room in your boot or car roof to fit the bikes.


Another low impact activity, fishing will ensure everyone stays put at a particular place. If you are near to some river or jetties, try out fishing. Don’t worry if you are not a pro, even rookies can get something caught on his line. Well, if you really are not expecting to catch anything, that is perfectly fine too. Just bring along enough snacks, food and drink to enjoy the time out there.


Going for a walk is somewhat one of the simplest things to do. You could JUST walk around the park or if the kids are old enough then you could try something more adventurous if you are within proximity to nature trails or woods. And since they are within your neighbourhood, you will definitely know how to plan your route.

A quick tip, take your time and enjoy the walk. The walk will just be a walk if you speed off and do not spend your time to appreciate the surroundings around you.

*** Drop me a note if you would like my wife and me to organise family-friendly walks for you. We have our own kids too so we definitely know your concerns.(sorry, for those in Singapore only). Contact me.


Camping is perhaps for the slightly adventurous families. But with camping products just a delivery away, you could easily get the most specific and even luxurious  gears that you will make you feel at home out there.

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(Look out for my online outdoor store coming up soon)


Finally, something close to my heart and I can’t resist from including it in this list of outdoor activity ideas. While the idea of sport or rock climbing might seem daunting, I have recently launched Family Climbing and Junior Climbing Programmes. The response was awesome! The families that came really had fun seeing their own parents climb and encouraging their own kids climb.

Hopefully, the 10 outdoor activity ideas have enlightened you. Just in case you have any ideas but need someone to organise for you, just drop me a note. I’ll be glad to help.

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