How I Market my Climbing Courses?

How I Market my Climbing Courses?

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We are back on a Monday morning but oppositely for me it is a downtime after working through the weekend conducting climbing courses. The interesting bit about the courses was actually the participants who got to know me through 3 different channels.

How I Market my Climbing Courses?

In this blog I will be sharing 3 means how I market my programmes and hopefully it may help out your own business too. Just a disclaimer, I am still far from getting jaw-dropping traffic but I am honestly optimistic that the numbers will grow.


The first way they got to know me was through my Carousell advertisement where I placed my climbing course as a product. (Click here to view) I used to question how could a service become a product? (That was in the past though.) So yeah, I did place almost all of my courses on Carousell and I happy to say that I have got some enquiries from that marketing channel.

But I must say that I hope to get more traffic from the subsequent 2 channels. This is because it did take a bit of time to answer queries over Carousell as will have to operate on their platform. It is simply quite tiring to switch from emails to smses and now to Carousell.

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However, one way out will be to provide those enquiries your mobile number and subsequently communicate via smses, email or watsapp or any other preferred channels.


I am happy to say that people are slowly finding my website through their Google search. And this means finding my website organically. I do not subscribe to paid advertisements such as Google Adwords and Facebook Ads, at least for now. Nothing against the paid method and I personally have tried using Facebook Ads. It is just that I have been running around these past few months and I just cannot get myself to sit down and craft out those advertisements. I do hope to try advertisements because I know could spend as little as $10 to reach out to about 2000-3000 people.  Like I have said, I just needed the discipline to sit down and do that stuff.

Back to my website, it is more than 3 months old and I am seeing better traffic. Well, traffic is subjective and I am still a far cry from even 500 views a day but the numbers are definitely increasing.

I still remember during the first month doing up this website. I felt like I was just writing to ghosts! But as time goes by, I varied my contents (Youtube videos, podcasts and now literature reviews) and shared my posts to different platforms and yeah, things are looking promising!

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But as I pump all these contents, I always make it a conscious effort to remind myself that it is not about chasing the money but providing contents that may be beneficial to others. I do spend quite a bit of time to think topics that people might be interested or want to know about. If people cannot benefit from my contents, then what more my products and services.

So, yeah, people are starting to find my climbing courses through my website. And I do the website totally free!

(If you are thinking of starting up a website and need someone to do it for you at a small fee, I will be more than happy to help you out. Just contact me.)

Physical Networking

This last method is totally not automated at all but shows that we humans are social creatures after all. Especially if you offer physical services, you cannot hide yourself behind the computer and wait for the email notification to buzz.

You will have to go out and tell people your services. And nothing beats doing it one to one.

So, if you happen to be one of my participants reading this post, I really appreciate you guys and thanks for deciding to take up my service. I do hope to have benefitted you during those abseiling and climbing courses. This tribute also goes to those who have passed on my contact to your other friends. Thanks guys!

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The 3 methods of getting traffic to market your business is definitely not exhaustive because there are many more means. I have only scratched the surface. I am still in the process of trying out other methods and will back to share my experiences.

In the meantime, if you have other ideas how to market physical services in Singapore, do share. Or even if it is to other markets. We definitely could learn from one another.

Have a great week ahead!


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