How to learn Sport Climbing?

How to learn Sport Climbing?

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Are you looking around for an alternative recreational activity other than the traditional running, swimming or gym workout? Then I highly recommend you to learn sport climbing!

This is a sport that could be made simple for beginners or highly technical for seasoned climbers. Some other perks of sport climbing are that you do not necessarily need to have physically strong to be good at it.

After some years helping others learn sport climbing, the key to climbing well is about efficient climbing. Well, I will not deny there will be parts of the climb where you might need to use a bit of brute force, but trust me, you will need less force if you could climb efficiently.

How to learn Sport Climbing?

Here are four basic tips

1.Sign up for a Sport Climbing Level 1 course

All of the climbing gyms in Singapore offer the Sport Climbing Level 1 course, awarded by the Singapore Mountaineering Federation. You could sign up with me too. I conduct my classes at the Cliff @ Snowcity. Click here to find out more.

The Sport Climbing Level 1 course is both a basic and essential certificate to have because you will learn about climbing and belaying safely. In fact, the focus will be more on belaying because with safe belaying then you will be able to explore challenging routes and improve your climb without getting injured.

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There are some good news about the Sport Climbing Level 1 certificate:

  • It is valid for life.
  • It is recognised in all climbing gyms in Singapore.
  • It is also recognised in South-east Asia and even some places in China and India. However, overseas climbing gyms will most likely require to verify your belaying skills on the spot. Don’t worry, they just want to make sure you can belay.

2.Get some personal basic gears

You could spend some money to get your personal climbing gears. I recommend in the following order:

a)Climbing shoes

b)Chalk and chalk bag

c)Seat Harness

d)Belay Device

Most centres have harnesses and belay device either for free or at a minimal price. They do have climbing shoes but I personally feel nothing is more personal than a climbing shoe. So, start with that first. You can get a decent pair for S$80-S$120 at the many climbing stores or shopping centres such as Velocity@Novena.

3.Find at least ONE climbing buddy

Having a climbing buddy is essential. He or she could be both your motivation or provide the important feel safe factor. I have seen participants signing up as a couple or finding new friends when they come to learn sport climbing for the first time.

It is a social sport anyway. So you are bound to find new friends.

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4.Try out different climbing centres before buying season passes

This is a wee tip about saving some money. While most centres offer season passes at very good rates, I recommend you to try out climbing at the different gyms first before committing to a season pass.

Do you have any personal tips to share how to learn sport climbing? Shoot your ideas below.

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