How to pass your PPCDL test?

How to pass your PPCDL test?

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Sometime back in 2014, I used to be working for one of the Marina Clubs in Singapore as the Sailing and Sea Sports Manager. Amongst many duties, I was managing the club’s PPCDL course – coordinating lessons and refresher sessions. We don’t conduct the PPCDL test (both theory and practical) as they were centrally managed by Singapore Polytechnic.

The PPCDL course sign up rate was healthy with lessons always fully booked. But interestingly, I always hear feedback by the students that they had failed the PPCDL test, both the PPCDL theory and practical tests.

And some failed repeatedly.

So what we offered was for them to be able to sit in the PPCDL theory lessons anytime for free and some promotional packages for the practical refresher sessions.

Actually, I could foresee the trouble that the participants will be facing. Since we are mostly travelling by land, it is a challenge to remember and comprehend the many rules or “highway code” of the sea. I recall my former colleagues in another organisation facing similar challenges even though they are exposed to sea-based programmes.

So how can you pass your PPCDL licence?

These are my 2 fine tips.

1.Practice your PPCDL Theory

I can’t stress this enough. You simply have to practice the questions. Do you drive or ride? Then you will probably the many theory practice sessions you have to go for before the real test right? This simply means that you just have to practice.

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Another reason for practicing your PPCDL theory test is because the questions and answers are sometimes just confusing. Sometimes, there is no ultimate answer so you have to choose the best one available. So you need to get yourself familiar with the way the questions and answers are crafted.

There are a few free sites to get your hands on free PPCDL test practice questions.  You can get 30 Questions FREE here. I personally wrote them based on my experience taking the test.


Again, I really must stress that you need to practice. Be very familiar with the questions. After going for the Coast Guard Steersman and PPCDL theory exams, I have observed that the questions are all similar. Well, they are all based on the International Rules of the Road. Only the local port limit questions may differ.

If 30 questions are not enough, you can get your hands on my ultimate 150 PPCDL Theory Test Questions. It’s not free though but think about saving time and hassle to retest.

150 PPCDL Theory Test Practice Questions

Yes, I Want My 150 PPCDL Questions

2.Go for your PPCDL Practical Refresher sessions

I must say that I am lucky enough to have ample experience from my Coast Guard, Dragon Boating and Kayaking days to help me judge better out at sea. Even so, I did sign up for at least 2 hours of practice sessions.

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You can easily sign up for the PPCDL Practical Refresher sessions at the many marina clubs here. My recommendation is to sign up with RSYC as they are at the test site. So you will be very familiar with the test conditions. Trust me, it works.

(I did mine at Pulau Ubin … so no pressure to do it at RSYC though.)

Hope the TWO tips will help. They are not rocket science at all.

The wise saying holds true:

Practice makes perfect.

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