The Scientific Tales of Irsyad – Reflections from a Book Launch

The Scientific Tales of Irsyad – Reflections from a Book Launch

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Last Saturday, I attended a book launch “The Scientific Tales of Irsyad” at a local Islamic primary school. It was essentially a “science journal” where students from Primary 4 and 5 at the school selected a science topic which they were interested and explored and wrote an essay based on their research and reflections. A handful number of essays were then selected and compiled into a book. A real book.

I was impressed by the works of the students and the coach. Actually, more for the coach who used his journalism experience to guide the students and helped published the book. Not only that, half of the sales was donated back to the school! (The other half was to cover the cost of producing the book).

During the event, there were speeches given by the guest of honor, the school principal and the coach himself. Two messages struck a chord within me:

1.”The greatest miracle we have is the Quran … which is a … book” – by Mr Abdul Rahman Basrun.

Thinking deeper, the relevance of the Quran, by being sent to our times, further implies that the method of teaching by writing is never out-dated. I mean, think about it, as much as technology have advanced and we many teaching platforms such as using power-point presentation, videos, online learning, we cannot escape from the traditional way writing on a board!

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Newspapers are still being printed despite being published in websites. Spreading messages using words through writing is as relevant and powerful as before!

So don’t stop yourself and be brave to pick up the pen (or type on the keyboard) and share good words around.

2.”Ultimately, you need to be a responsible writer” – by A.P. Faishal Ibrahim.

How true, if only one understands the power of the pen, one can either do wonders or damage. I recall a wise saying “The pen is mightier than the sword”. Hence, one’s writing can have powerful effects, either positive or negative even more than using physical force.

So, be sure to set your moral compass, know why you are writing and write on!

*Fyi, the book will be at bookstores soon at bookstore price. But you could get hold of them from Madrasah Al-Irsyad office for only $10.

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