Outdoor Teambuilding Activity: Stone Juggle

Outdoor Teambuilding Activity: Stone Juggle

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Last week, I shared a team building activity: Body Balance. That is one my favourite activity to do and it is versatile enough to be used both as an ice-breaker or team challenge activity. And the best thing is that I would not need to have any equipment at all.

This week, I will be sharing another popular team building activity: Stone Juggle. This activity could be done using pebbles found in the woods or play balls during indoor programmes.

Below is a quick snapshot of this outdoor team building activity:

Suggested Learning Outcomes
1. Sharing of Ideas
2. Making a Team Plan
3. Accepting Each Other’s Ability
4. Synergy
5. Perseverance
6. Importance of Encouragement

To pass your stone to the third person on your right/left. Equipment Needed
1 pebble/ ball (tennis ball size) per participant. Activity Set-Up
1. Participants to look for 1 pebble each.
2. Participants to stand in a circle facing inwards.

Instructions to Participants
1. You are to pass your stone to the third person on your right/left.
2. Stones cannot be dropped at any time.
3. You can only use your right/ left hand for any action.
4. A juggle constitutes the stone/ pebble leaving your hand completely before landing on another teammate’s hand.
5. Activity will restart when any of the instructions are breached.

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Suggested Allocated Time
You have 30 minutes to complete activity (e.g. 10 minutes to plan and 20 mins to execute).

Group Size
Approximately 8 – 16 participants. Variations
1. Activity could be played using plastic/ tennis balls.
2. Activity could be done at smaller sub-group level before combining at larger group level.
3. Difficulty level could be increased by introducing handicaps e.g. no verbal communication.

Facilitator’s Notes
1. Activity is not recommended for newly formed groups e.g. ice-breaker.
2. Activity suitable to revisit team charter or measure team’s cohesiveness.
3. Facilitator might need to hand-hold or conduct process debriefs for low-performing groups.


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