Urban Schools Garden – Thesis Revisited

Urban Schools Garden – Thesis Revisited

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I went quiet recently to take time off from climbing and set up an Urban Schools Garden. The experience has been totally enriching and it culminated this week when I was invited to conduct a hands-on workshop in Outdoor Education Conference.

As I am cooling off over the weekend to reflect back on the whole experience conducting the workshop, I began to recall my journey ever since leaving OBS in 2012 to pursue my MSc in Outdoor Education programme by the University of Edinburgh.

So … back in 2014, when I submitted my MSc Thesis “A Mixed-Method Evaluation of the Preparedness of Outdoor Educators in Singapore to Develop Ecological Literacy”, I asked myself what’s next with the findings?

MSc Thesis

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Nope, hope you did not misunderstand, I didn’t ask what’s next for me but instead, what can be done about the findings? I mean, there has to be a purposeful application of any research findings. Or else the information found is rendered useless.

Fyi, a major finding of the study found that:
-67% of respondents supported and see the value of developing Ecological Literacy, but
-54% self-scored as average or below for their readiness to develop Ecological Literacy in programmes.

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It got me thinking what can be done? How can we be ready or at least somewhat comfortable delivering environmental-based objectives in an Outdoor Education programme?

There seem to be a perception that there is a lot to be learnt, before being comfortable to teach about that. That it’s a tall order for an instructor from a highly urbanised country. Well, at least for me.

And I struggled to figure out a solution to develop Ecological Literacy for fellow educators. How can I develop at least that sense of care and connectedness to nature in my participants? Or perhaps the ability to think in terms of relationships? Just thinking about the principles of ecology sends a wave of sense self-doubt in me.

Alhamdulillah, I think I have found some way forward – Urban Schools Garden. It’s quite easy and no rocket science needed. I myself am amazed that I’ve found some confidence to develop Ecological Literacy in students.

But … will share in part 2. (Gotta run my daddy duties for now)

Click here ahmadbahktiar.com/downloads for an executive summary of my thesis. No questions asked!

(This is an expanded version of my recent FB post dated on 14 May 2017.)

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