5 Useful Knots In The Outdoors

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Out of the many skills to learn in the outdoors are knots. Specifically camping knots. As a Scout during my schooling days, I must admit that there are 1001 knots to learn. With the slightest variation, a new knot is named!

Hence, I have identified 5 useful camping knots in the outdoors that I believe are all that you need to know.

  1. Reef Knot – to join 2 ropes of similar dimensions together
  2. Clove Hitch – to secure one end of a rope
  3. 1 Round and 2 Half Hitches – to secure one end of a rope
  4. Figure of 8 Knot – – to secure one end of a rope
  5. Bowline – to secure one end of a rope

You can watch the video 5 Useful Knots in the Outdoors.here

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