In the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful 

[Quran, Surah al-‘Alaq 96: 1-5] Read: In the Name of your Lord who created. Created man from a clot. Read: And your Lord is the Most Generous. He who taught by the pen.


Ahmad Bahktiar

Hi! My name is Ahmad Bahktiar and thank you for visiting my website. I am an outdoor educator who just loves to write. I hope to share the beauty of the outdoors and link the many discoveries I made back to our ordinary life.

This website is purely my personal space to share the many thoughts I have as I reflect on my life adventures. Inspired by the beautiful Quranic verses (above), I am moved to try and share as much as I explore.

I must also record down my deepest gratitude to Him for His Guidance, blessing me with a beautiful family who have supported me through the years of adventure.

A Bit About Me

Check out my Podcast Ep. 001 to listen more about my story. Click here.

outward bound singaporeUpon graduation with a Degree in Mechanical Engineering in 2006, I jumped shipped and went from dealing with ‘hardwares’ to ‘heartwares’. I became an instructor for Outward Bound Singapore and have remained in this line since.

On top of conducting courses, I set a personal challenge to be a sailing, sport climbing and abseiling instructor. I produced a couple of training handbooks, video and designed a new abseiling activity.

University of EdinburghThen in 2012, it dawned on me that I needed to know more about outdoor education.Hence, I left OBS and took up an MSc in Outdoor Education from The University of Edinburgh. Click here to go their website.

The experience in Scotland stretched my whole paradigm of outdoor education. I felt that there is so much about saving the environment that outdoor education could do. I realised that in my past 7 years as a practitioner, I  could have done more about the environment. Inspired, I even researched about environmental education and outdoor instructors in Singapore.

(Contact me if you’d like an executive summary of my thesis)

When I got home in late-2013, I taught part-time in a Bachelor Degree course in Adventure Facilitation. More interestingly, I got a job as a Sailing and Sea Sports Manager at One15 Marina the following year. It was, however, just a short stint but one that made me aware of the untapped ‘playground’ of the Southern Islands!

Nautical EdventuresNautical Edventures

In late 2014, I embarked on a journey as an entrepreneur: set up Nautical Edventures (click here to my company’s website). The idea was simple, I believe in expeditions as the best outdoor experience one could get; a real approach to outdoor adventure education which is interestingly extremely readily available in urban Singapore! And I wanted to  promote it for all – families, students and corporate groups.

The Outdoor ProjectThe Outdoor Project

The Outdoor Project is my latest outdoor endeavour, a transformed Nautical Edventures. After 2 years of venturing, I have decided to rebrand Nautical Edventures into The Outdoor Project.

The Outdoor Project aims to provide meaningful outdoor experiences for all. We specialise in journey-based programmes set in the natural environment. At the current time of writing, The Outdoor Project offers nature-based treks and climbing programmes.

What About This Website Then?

After some time exploring and undertaking my own Outward Bound journey, I realize that I’m actually fond of reading and writing! That is something odd for an outdoor junkie like me. But well … I love it. I must say that I still suck at writing, grammatical errors are plenty but … I still enjoy it.

I honestly hope is to be able to contribute by writing responsibly to all who visits this humble website.


Wasallam and Cheers!

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Ahmad Bahktiar


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