Outdoor Teambuilding Activity: Body Balance
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Have you ever have to start a programme but you are simply out of any props and equipment? Sounds like a common situation if you have ever been in the field of training and resource development, or even education. At … Read More

My Goals for 2017
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As the writer’s block seemed to have set it, I was given some time away from the busy pre-2017 preparations to set some goals for 2017. Setting goals seemed to be an assumed ritual for everyone at the start of … Read More

3 Quranic Lessons from Organic Farming
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This article was inspired by my dearest wife’s Facebook sharing and some recent personal readings – Organic Farming and the Quran. The post that she shared was by Riverford Organic Farmers, a UK-based organic farm company. In the post, it … Read More

Benefit of Expedition – Not being Judgemental of Others
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One of the common traits of an outdoor education programme is the element of travel – embarking on a journey. And it is normal for the journey to be undertaken with other people, more commonly referred as teammates. I am … Read More

5 lessons from … Bajrangi Bhaijaan
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This is a rare post which might sound out of my interest topic. I recently watched a Hindi movie during a bus ride to Malaysia – Bajrangi Bhaijaan starring Salman Khan. In summary, the show was about an India man … Read More

Teambuilding and the Quran
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This will be my first attempt to link some of my practice, in this case, teambuilding and the Quran. I have had this bugging question in my mind for the longest time: What does the Quran say about the various … Read More

Planning a Teambuilding Activity: 4 Essential Stages
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This week, I found myself planning a teambuilding activity for all staff at work. It was an urgent task as the intended teambuilding instructor had to pull out due to unavoidable reasons. Thank goodness the task was given to a … Read More

The Scientific Tales of Irsyad – Reflections from a Book Launch
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Last Saturday, I attended a book launch “The Scientific Tales of Irsyad” at a local Islamic primary school. It was essentially a “science journal” where students from Primary 4 and 5 at the school selected a science topic which they … Read More

Review: Outdoor Experiences and Sustainability
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Research Paper Title Outdoor Experiences and Sustainability by Heather E. Prince (2016) Abstract Positive outdoor teaching and learning experiences and sound pedagogical approaches undoubtedly have contributed towards an understanding of environmental sustainability but it is not always clear how, and … Read More

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