Browse through the list of outdoor research papers which I personally reviewed. This is my personal effort to ensure my practices are research-informed and, in doing so, share with fellow practitioners.

You are more than welcomed to give your personal opinions and share with others.

Disclaimer: I will not be doing a “proper” academic literature review approach but more of a casual guy-on-the-street style. But you will be able to find the source link of the individual papers, unless if it is removed from the original source.

Ballantyne, R. & Packer, J. (2002). Nature-based Excursions: School Students’ Perceptions of Learning in Natural Environment. International Research I Geographical and Environmental Education, 11(3), (pp. 218-236) Read the review here.

Liefländer, A. K. , Fröhlich, G. , Bogner, F. X. & Schultz, P. W. (2013) Promoting Connectedness with Nature through Environmental Education, Environmental Education Research, 19(3), (pp. 370 – 384) Read the review here.

Prince, E. H. (2016) Outdoor Experiences and Sustainability, Journal of Adventure Education and Outdoor Learning. Read the review here.


16 Sep 2016

I have decided to start off this outdoor research review with a long term intent to uncover more research on outdoor and environmental research papers. This is due to my interest to continue on from my MSc thesis which focused on developing ecological literacy through outdoor education.